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Large inspection of masks in many places! Masks are easy to buy, so is the problem?

Large inspection of masks in many places! Masks are easy to buy, so is the problem?

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  • Time of issue:2020-10-27
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(Summary description)Chinanews client, Beijing, August 7 (Zuo Yukun) If you say that wearing a mask in this sultry summer is a kind of "torture", then what is more cruel than "torture" is the mask you wear so hard. Useless.

Large inspection of masks in many places! Masks are easy to buy, so is the problem?

(Summary description)Chinanews client, Beijing, August 7 (Zuo Yukun) If you say that wearing a mask in this sultry summer is a kind of "torture", then what is more cruel than "torture" is the mask you wear so hard. Useless.

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2020-10-27
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Chinanews client, Beijing, August 7 (Zuo Yukun) If you say that wearing a mask in this sultry summer is a kind of "torture", then what is more cruel than "torture" is the mask you wear so hard. Useless.

From the “difficult to find a mask” at the beginning of the year to everywhere today, the “quantity” of the necessities of life—masks has been raised, but the “quality” cannot be lowered. Recently, major inspections of masks have been launched in many places.

The security reminded the audience to wear a mask. Photo by Zhang Hengwei

List more masks "blacklist"

On August 5, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision issued an announcement stating that random inspections of masks sold in the Beijing market found that 18 masks had quality problems, mainly due to filter efficiency, leakage, and labeling that did not meet relevant standards.

The well-known brand Honeywell appeared in the list of disqualifications. A batch of "Honeywell Anti-PM2.5 Professional Protective Masks" samples produced by Honeywell Safety Protection Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are unqualified products, and unqualified items are identified.

In response, Honeywell responded on the 7th that the quality indicators of this mask product were all qualified. The problem was that the recommended storage conditions were not indicated on the label. Moreover, this is an old mask that has no production and no sales before the end of 2019.

There is also an Internet celebrity mask that sells "the same type of celebrity"-the "PITTA" brand sponge mask made in Japan also has problems. In this spot check, it was found that a 3-piece-bag of "PITTA" adult black-gray sponge mask manufactured by Alex Co., Ltd. did not meet the requirements of relevant standards in terms of filtration efficiency, leakage, headband, and identification. .

In a supermarket in Xicheng District, Beijing, masks are placed in a conspicuous position next to the checkout counter. Photo by Zuo Yukun

On August 4, the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced a list of 15 batches of unqualified masks. Among them, a batch of KN95 protective masks produced by Henan Umax Health Technology Co., Ltd. has a measured minimum filtration efficiency of 30.1%, and its standard requires ≥95%.

On July 28, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau announced the results of non-medical mask product quality supervision and spot checks. In the quality supervision and random inspection of 653 non-medical mask products produced by 579 enterprises in Guangdong Province, 174 products produced by 160 enterprises were found to be unqualified. Among the unqualified items, the filtration efficiency ranks first.

Also at the end of July, the market supervision bureaus of Jinan and Zibo in Shandong Province successively released the results of special random inspections on the quality of local mask products. Among the 9 batches of unqualified masks in Jinan, the unqualified items are mainly filtration efficiency and protection effect. ; The unqualified items of 22 batches of unqualified masks in Zibo City are all filtering efficiency.

Filtration efficiency "stuck neck", non-medical masks are hardest hit

With the implementation of spot checks in various places, the main problems of the mask market have also emerged: "The filtration efficiency is not up to the standard" has become the "old difficulty" of mask products.

At the end of April, the State Administration for Market Supervision announced the results of the “special inspection of non-medical mask product quality supervision” since February. A total of 51 batches of products from 47 companies were found to be unqualified, and most of the unqualified items were poor filtration efficiency. Meet the requirements.

Filtration efficiency is one of the most important properties of masks, which directly reflects the quality of masks.

According to a notice from the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, unqualified filtration efficiency may result in masks not being able to effectively filter suspended particulates (such as bacteria, viruses, dust, etc.) in the air, which greatly increases the risk of illness or infection by users.

Data map: Inspectors from Guangzhou Customs Technology Center conduct a respiratory resistance test on masks. Photo by Guan Yue

"At present, unqualified masks are mainly produced by non-medical mask manufacturers." Experts from the drug supervision system told the media.

Why is this?

“According to my country’s current standards, medical masks are managed as Class II medical devices, and their production and operation need to obtain a licensed medical device production qualification in accordance with the law.” Mr. Chen, who has been engaged in the mask industry for many years, told Chinanews.com, “The production and sales of non-medical masks No special qualifications are required."

According to Mr. Chen, the "Decision on Adjusting the Catalogue of Industrial Product Production License Management and Strengthening Interim and Ex-post Supervision" issued in September 2019 cancelled the management of industrial product production licenses for special labor protection products. Therefore, the production of non-medical masks no longer needs to obtain an industrial product production license, as long as it meets the market access conditions of general industrial enterprises.

“Especially during the epidemic period, many places have dealt with special affairs for anti-epidemic products companies, and the registration procedures have been greatly shortened. People who are halfway through the family swarm in, and the appearance of substandard masks is naturally unavoidable.” Mr. Chen said.

"The mask is unqualified, and the manufacturer may be pitted"

"My friend's friend was sued in Chongqing for selling substandard masks, but he actually didn't know that he was selling fake masks." Ma Fei (a pseudonym) is Mr. Chen's "halfway renunciation" in the mask business.

But in Ma Fei’s view, many manufacturers of substandard masks did not deliberately falsify: “The quality problems in new factories like him are mainly due to inexperience. Especially in the research and judgment of meltblown cloth, they often I bought a fake one."

Meltblown cloth, known as the "heart" of the mask, is also the core that determines the filtering effect of the mask. During the epidemic, the demand for masks soared, and the price of meltblown cloth soared from around 20,000 yuan/ton a year ago, reaching a maximum of 700,000 yuan/ton. Under the lure of profits, inferior meltblown fabrics also flock to the market.

"It took hundreds of thousands of inspections for three times, but still failed to pass the CE certification (a mandatory requirement for entering the EU market), which is a big loss for melt blown cloth." Xiang Zhongxin, a mask manufacturer who has never realized export plans The net sighed.

"(Buying fake meltblown cloth) strictly speaking is the problem of the factory master. The purchase of materials needs to be confirmed by the factory master. At that time, I watched the video order of the meltblown cloth. Some masters knew whether it would work if they watched the video. Some masters can't. The price of meltblown cloth is one hour per hour. Basically, the master determines the price, and the boss pays the money, and it will be out of stock later.” Ma Fei introduced.

"However, production samples must also be tested, and testing is not justified if we continue to produce them." He added.

Data map: 2020 Hunan Automobile Exhibition, the platform of the public car models wearing masks. Photo by Yang Huafeng

A few days ago, the Market Supervision Administration of Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province investigated and dealt with a case of unqualified disposable masks. Faced with the inspection, the person in charge of the company said that because of the surge in demand for masks, the quality of the raw material meltblown cloth was uneven, and they were also fooled into buying shoddy raw materials.

"The manufacturer of finished masks should be responsible for the quality of the product. If the raw material supplier has illegal activities that are shoddy, they can report it to the relevant departments, or they can resort to the law to recover." Law enforcement officials pointed out.

The mask industry has reached the "wake-up time"

“Most of our end customers are foreign, and they are greatly affected by the epidemic. However, there are employees in the factory that need to be supported, and the factory rent has to be paid. There is no way, so they can only make mask machines halfway through their home.” Yuan Tian (pseudonym) is also in the epidemic During the period involved in the mask industry, he originally engaged in the production of shoe machines did not directly make masks, but chose a mask machine which is also a production equipment.

Business is not easy to do. Immaturity of technology is one aspect, and unstable orders make Yuan Tian a headache.

"In June, I was scammed once. The other party placed an order and placed a deposit. We prepared the materials, but they canceled it. As a result, we squeezed dozens of materials and a lot of money." Yuan Tian Recalled.

After dozens of machines were lying in the warehouse without anyone interested for nearly two months, Yuan Tian made up his mind to give up the mask machine business. Taking advantage of the recent small climax of the injunction of masks in many countries, Yuan Tian has consumed the inventory at a cost price of 11,000 yuan per unit.

"I don't want to make money anymore, I'm very satisfied to get me back to the original point." Yuan Tian said.

Data map: Workers are assembling mask machines. Photo by Li Xin

“Demand for foreign masks is still in a state of surge, and there is still room for profitability of masks, but compared with the outbreak of the epidemic, it has been reduced. As the price of masks drops and demand decreases, the market for masks and the profit space are further shrinking. "Song Qinghui, a well-known economist, told Chinanews.com that the mask industry is expected to have overcapacity in 2021 and become a long-term low-profit industry, while the profits of foundry companies will be thinner.

"This rectification of the mask industry is bound to have a positive impact on the subsequent development of my country's mask market and can effectively maintain the order and quality of the mask industry." Song Qinghui said.

Have you been trapped by substandard masks?

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Right now, various places are resuming work and production. The epidemic prevention and control has reached the most strenuous and critical stage, and masks are needed everywhere.

Large inspection of masks in many places! Masks are easy to buy, so is the problem?

Chinanews client, Beijing, August 7 (Zuo Yukun) If you say that wearing a mask in this sultry summer is a kind of "torture", then what is more cruel than "torture" is the mask you wear so hard. Useless.

The first year of the mask, it is still sprinting until the end of the year

It's good to be able to live-many people's expectations for this year. Looks like lying flat on the spot, not thinking about making progress, but actually waiting for the opportunity to make progress.

Emphasize again! Masks cannot be taken off!

Wearing a mask has a good preventive effect on respiratory infectious diseases such as new coronary pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis, etc. It not only protects oneself, but also benefits public health. Especially in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, masks have played an important role.

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